Thursday, 4 July 2019

Questions about divine orgasm

The female orgasm is something that mystifies most of the world. I am not above this group. In the last few years my sexual awareness has grown, but has generated more questions for me than answers.

In short I have found myself able to orgasm from no stimulation to my vagina or clitoris. Often I orgasm from nipple stimulation and french kissing. At other times from just being touched, on the arm, on the leg, on my belly, anywhere really. And at other times from not being touched at all.

Here's a little anecdote. I had a crush on a guy at work. He was (is) super steamy. One morning we went out for a coffee on the terrace. We were talking about unions and wages. NOTHING sexual. I was looking at him, and bam! I started orgasming. I had to cut the conversation short and run upstairs. I'm still shook.

I've told my friends about this and they always have questions. Is it the same sensation that arises from clitoral stimulation? Is it the same as an orgasm from penetrative sex? The answer is both yes and no. There is a release, there is tension in my vulva when it happens, there is deep pleasure, but it is very spiritual. It's not directly comparable, but there is no doubt about it: It's an orgasm.

I suppose I'm writing this because I'm stunted by it. I want to know if other women and men experience this type of energetic orgasm. I have friends who definitely come from nipple stimulation, so that one is sorted. It is more common than you think. But I have yet to meet someone who can come from no physical stimulation whatsoever.

I've read about it. Most of my reading has led me in the direction of tantra and kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is basically the opening of one's base chakra. I resonate with this but it still doesn't explain why it happens. It's just some mysterious "awakening" and that's it. Tantra seems to be more of an active practice. This doesn't resonate because I haven't been actively trying to awaken anything sexual within myself.

This morning I was meditating and midway through I started orgasming. In my meditative state I chose not to indulge it, but just to observe. I managed to let it go and the sensation stopped. But afterwards I was astounded at this ability that my body has. Something has shifted. And when I think about sex now, I yearn for, more than anything, just to indulge the spirituality that comes with this kind of orgasming. It feels divine. It feels like I am connected to the earth. It feels wholesome.

I feel the sensation in my vulva. But also in my being. In my belly there is an excitement. For it. For life.

Anyway, I am writing this blog because I have more questions than answers? Is there anyone out there who can explain why this happens? Are there any other people who its' happened to?

If you have some intel. Do share.

In pleasure.