Sunday, 1 July 2018



Two continents apart
we met on a third 
      By chance. 

I snuck in front  
    of her in the airline
queue and gave 
   her my most sheepish

forgive my impatience 
    my eyes said. and she
   by graceful ignorance.

I thought I would 
   never see that 
boyishly beautiful 
  face again.

Then, in wet Malay air
 we found ourselves
outside sharing a

A car ride later, 
 against the backdrop of tall palms 
her asymmetric earrings only
 set off by her loose 
slacks, soft leather brogues and the tattoo
    - of an arrow- 
         on her left arm.
Something inside me came alive.  


 Her eyes: dark cherry brown.
 fuzzy milk
        chocolate hair. 
She was full. All cream
               all richness.


We arrived. Do you have a partner?
   she or I
   I don't remember. But I 
answered: "No, but I do go both 
ways." "So do I."

          An affirmation.


Over days, she shared her
  cigarettes with me 
The burn in my throat
  only reflecting 
 how I burnt for her.

She, so sensitive in her
     wicker constitution.


One dark night (The Godess
only knows how we got there, bless her)
          we lie on a bed...
   desire tangible in the air.
Like smog.
my head against
        the pillow, hers at the end
of the bed. She leant (or was it leapt?) forward
 and kissed me.

      Cherub lips
all petals 
     and wet tongue on
peach down.


Touching her was
   touching a

Which only burnt
brighter when
 I bathed her 

lathery hands 
slipping over
 breasts naturally onto
              the unashamed 
                   convexity of hips,
              soapily and gently
   grazing her crevice.


Seeing her naked was 
   an apparition. 
                 all incurvate.
 I burnt more.

The image
of her naked body
         from behind
    into my mind.


Hot, Dewey and Fast:
 we lit each other up
at our apexes.
       all stone churning friction against stone
                 pestle and pestle at ends 
                 and lips brushing and buds pulsating

Legs slit, scoring and intersecting 
         incising until our silken
                  liquids were one. 

I ate - there is no other way to put it - 
   tenderly, greedily, at 
      her Corsage orchid. 
So vigorously, with such hunger,
                                       such thirst, that
At times I almost couldn’t bbbbreathe. 

She pulsed
      under me
        (into me.) 

Legs spread wide
     with my full 
         bristling bulb 
at her juncture
   she opened her 
  lungs and 
that brought her home. 


it was my turn. 
   Oh Goddess.
 she was soft.
  so hard.

in drunken splendour
it was everything.

       it was nothing but
the flame burning bright.


She was.
Full woman.