Monday, 18 September 2017

The Internet

Someone gave me good advice today. All I could think while she spoke was "of all the infinitesimal situations that comprise life, how could it be possible to extract a sense of what is right to do in any given moment?"  
I listened, and nodded, and cried. Willing myself - so hard - just to be able to retain what she said: 
"Try to find ... the ability to seek out... lessons from past situations... can teach... right for you now..." 
"The diagnosis ... you are confused... use the internet... support yourself." 
"We wait for the feeling to appear... move us into action... seeking... the action can give way to the feeling" 
I know I won't hold onto this. It's not in my nature. The lessons life teaches me surpass articulation and concretisation. Still in this moment there is some solace. A glint. The internet.

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