Thursday, 18 May 2017


- Within -

Darkness. A room,
a field, an expanse of
black. Inside it a
certainty, that things
are not okay. Never
will be. Quick
sand at the center, a
box - made of the bones
of ox. Without a
key. Demons
dance inside it. All
and rest in the day.

- Without-

Sitting in the
inflection of the
valley. Calves
folded in, neck
extended over
knees. Spiritual tremors
overtaking breathing -
involuntarily. Hair flowing
upside down into
the pool of salt water
streaming out of

Mountainous walls
rising above in
all directions. Bare back
facing the distant,
unreachable sky. Not
being broken. Just

Dew gliding seamlessly
out of glossy ducts
into the swirl of vivid
algae kissing legs.
The box one with
the pebbles - a granite carbon
complement - softened and
smoothed over eons by
gentle streams of

An animal. Nursing its
wound. Naked. Bare bottom
folded into a an acute hug
of self-preservation. Blinking
and realising that
no matter how hollow
or cold or dark the box is.
It is a part of this oasis:
the hideous marriage
of demons, mountains,
quick sand, the sky, ox bone,
salt water and human blood.

This. Oasis.
Here. Where
the animal
is abundant. Rich.

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